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Build it better, make it matter.

Build it better, make it matter. As an experienced team of engineers and project managers, we have been working together with major firms to deliver successful projects for over two decades. We contribute our extensive geotechnical engineering knowledge and skills with dedication to project management.

Highly competitive in the APAC region, we specialise in planning and implementing diaphragm walls, bored piles, CFA piles, plunge columns, driven piles, deep soil mixing, and grouting.

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Estimation is an important skill for any engineer, or project manager. It involves accurately predicting the amount of time and resources needed to complete a project.

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Project Planning and Management

Project Planning and Management is a critical skill requiring the ability to plan and execute projects in an efficient and effective manner by utilisingproject planning techniques.

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Budget and Cost Control

By understanding how to properly manage budgets and costs, our experts can help the teams stay on track and complete projects on time and within budget.

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Procurement is an integral part of any project, whether it is an engineering project or a course taught by an instructor.

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Quality Control and Assurance

Quality Control and Assurance involve the use of processes and procedures to assess the quality of the product or service being provided.

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Contract Negotiations

Negotiations involve understanding the needs of both parties and finding a mutually beneficial agreement that will ensure the success of the project.

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Customer Relationship Management

 In addition, it can help organizations to increase their efficiency in delivering their projects.

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Vendor and Material Management

We provide full vendor, material and shipping management. This can be automated with our integration service or handled manually by an expert in the field.

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Risk Management

We offer consultancy and construction services for projects engaged to ensure the safety of stakeholders, implement risk management systems in order to reduce the risks of project failure.

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Safety and Compliance Management

Along with our team, you will work in an all-encompassing environment that is safe and compliant to the highest standards. Safety is not just a concern for our clients, but also for us.

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Team Building and Leadership

Our team building and leadership construction service is a unique opportunity to work with our professionals, dedicated and experienced teams.

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